Season 2018 in Seans Organisation


It’s that time again. It's getting closer for the return of all of your favorite shows like MJ Star Walker, Fairytale, T.E.T., Shaman, Dance of the World and many more are returning in Season 2018.

The new season is upon us, and as usual there are a bevy of returning shows and incredible new shows are upon us. The New year also brings new exclusive shows like “Asterix” which will be broadcast in May 2018. The good news for those looking forward to reunite with continued quality for many years will continue. In addition to that it will be new chances to explore new shows of SEANS Group.  

We are going to announce our new show “Diamond Dolls” and “Smurfs” with proud because we believe in uniqueness and shows has to suit our customer’s expectations in every way. So for a group of angels with wings, the performance that symbolizes their unity is extremely important. When it comes to customers satisfaction, as our slogan mentions it “Worldwide Entertainment” says it all. Moreover, the famous “The Fire Of Anatolia” show has been joined to Seans family, they have been successfully broadcasting this show for many consecutive years. We hope that this tradition will be continue under the name of Seans Organization.