Las Vegas Style Show from Antalya Gloria Hotels
Las Vegas Style Show from Antalya Gloria Hotels

Gloria Hotels, which increased its show and entertainment budget this season, opened its doors to the biggest stage show in Turkey. The show named 'Wonderland' prepared in Italy takes spectators to a magical journey with acrobatics, dance and music.
The show takes place every Monday at Gloria Arena located between Gloria Golf Resort and Gloria Serenity Resort in Belek, Antalya, and presents 'Alice in Wonderland', one of the most famous fantasy stories in the world. The show features60 acrobats and dancers from Italy, Cuba, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Ukraine, and Georgia, and it is fascinating with professional make-up and special design costumes. It includes 'Death March', 'Russian Bar', and 'Trampoline', which are accepted as the most difficult acrobatic acts in the world. And the show ends with motorcycle acrobatics act in a sphere cage. 3 motorcycles present a breathtaking show in a cage.
Adrenaline, excitement, and visual effects come forward on the stage during 52- minute show after hours of make-up and costume preparation. Adults and children are equally interested in the show.
Chairman of the Board of Seans Organizasyon Halis Altay, who undertook representation the show in Turkey, stated that tourism and entertainment are parts one whole, and said that the Wonderland is the largest stage show in Turkey until today. Altay emphasized that they brought world’s significant stage shows to Turkey, and also presented their own shows and entertainment activities abroad, especially in Dubai and Germany.
Tamer Yamak, Gloria Hotels Operations Coordinator, stated that they aimed to transform the crisis into an opportunity by increasing quality of service. Yamak said, "It is a fact that there is a decrease in the number of tourists. In this case there are two ways in front of the Turkish tourism. The first way is to become simple due the crisis, and the other way is to increase quality, ensure satisfaction of current customers, and thus, save its future. We think about the future, not the present. Therefore, we are increasing quality of our services, and entertainment has utmost importance in this regard. In order to increase satisfaction of our guests, who love and preferred Turkey despite the crisis, we are organizing shows that they can only watch in Gloria. Our new show, the Wonderland, is the best one among them".